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Duckworks Stock Sails
Most of these sails are in stock and ready to ship
(please refresh the page before you order to make sure you have the latest stock status)
Storer 21.6 sf drop-in canoe sail (white-no reefs) - $141 Out of Stock
Storer 21.6 sf drop-in canoe sail (tanbark-no reefs) - $167 Out of Stock
Storer 21.6 sf drop-in canoe sail (cream-no reefs) - $167 Out of Stock
Michalak 68 sf Lugsail (white-2reef) - $450
Michalak 68 sf Lugsail (tanbark-2reef) - $520 Out of Stock
Michalak 75 sf Lugsail (white-2reef) - $509
Michalak 75 sf Lugsail (white-1reef) - $469
Michalak 75 sf Lugsail (tanbark-2reef) - $564
Michalak 91 sf Lugsail (white-2reef) - $594
Michalak 25 sf LOM sail (white-no reef) - $170

Bill Tosh has been building boats and making sails for many years. He has been making sails for Duckworks for several of those years. In that time he has gained broad experience with Traditional type sails as seen in designs by Jim Michalak, John Welsford, Michael Storer, Ross Lillistone and others. Since Winters are slower for orders, we have decided to begin stocking some of the more popular sails. Below are some of the possible boats that various sails are designed for.

Michalak 68 sf lugsail - Mixer, Piccup Pram, Piccup Squared, Twixt,

Michalak 75 sf lugsail - LadybugLaguna, Mayfly14Woobo, Wooboto

Michalak 91 sf lugsail - AF3, Deansbox, Mayfly16, OliveOyl, Toon19 (main),     

Michalak 30 sf Leg-o-mutton sail - Toon19 (mizzen)

This is by no means a full list of all the possible boats these sails would be suitable for.

Note that these sails are all broadseamed in the traditional way for optimum shape. They are not cut flat like many ready made sails which depend on the sailor to tweak shape into the sail using various up, down and out-hauls.