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Custom Sails

  • 3.8-oz. Dacron Tanbark colored = $6.70/ft2
  • 5.5-oz. Dacron Tanbark colored = $6.70/ft2
  • 3.8-oz. Dacron Cream colored = $6.70/ft2
  • 5.5-oz. Dacron Cream colored = $6.70/ft2
  • 3.8-oz. Dacron White = $5.65/ft2
  • 4.9-oz. Dacron White = $6.00/ft2
  • 5.5-oz. Dacron White = $6.10/ft2
  • Reef Points = $0.60/ft2/row
  • Battens = $34 ea.
  • Telltales = $11.5/pair

To order your custom sail, first choose the material and rows of reef points, then type in the square feet and type of sail. Add any special instructions....
                Square feet of sail:
...Now, if you need battens or telltales please select the number required and click the second "add to cart" button
Of course we will need a sailplan or drawing to make the sail

For a couple of years we have been looking for a sail loft that would make quality sails at a reasonable cost. Finally, we have found someone right here in Texas who has plenty of experience and is willing to make sails for Duckworks customers. We are making sails available out of either 3.8 oz. Challenge Dacron sailcloth or 5.5 oz. white polytarp. Both types of sails are sewn and have solid brass grommets. You may order a custom sail or choose from our stock sails.

If you need to figure out just how big your sail is, Jim Michalak has written a great essay on this subject. If you are unsure about the parts of a sail, here is a diagram of a jib-headed or Bermuda sail and here is one of a square sail.

Currently, we do not make these sails ahead of time, so please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Happy Customers:

Hi Sandra,
I finished my Devlin Zephyr and sailed it for the first time yesterday. The Duckworks sail fit perfectly, looks terrific, and performed wonderfully. Here are a few photos. Thanks so much for the terrific sail!

click for larger view click for larger view
click for larger view click for larger view click for larger view
click for larger view
Click images above for larger views


"tried out the sails last week, they couldn't have been better. Just bought a new camera, and will send pictures as soon as I figure out how to send them. Bill"


I thought I'd send you a shot of my Weekender, Julie K, with her new suit of Duckworks sails. I love the look and they are just right. I got a number of compliments from folks at the Minnesota Messabout this past weekend.

I expect you'll get some more pictures from Bill Paxton along with his tales about the gathering which was a lot of fun.

Dave Richards