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Boats with an Open Mind
by Philip C Bolger

Here are 75 novel and wonderful boats--some strange, some beautiful, all of them paragons of Philip Bolger's form-follows-function design philosophy. A planing microtrawler; a glass-galleried, beachable birdwatching boat; a fully enclosed ocean-cruising rowboat; cruising sailboats that take the ground at low tide; power, sail, and rowing boats from 6 to 95 feet--these are boats as only Bolger's unfettered imagination does them. This is the first collection of Bolger's work in almost 15 years. It is long overdue.

"Bolger is an eloquent writer and his comments run the gamut from hilarious to profound."--The Ensign

"Bolger brings a kind of youthful feeling to yacht design--he would rather make precedent than follow it."--WoodenBoat

"Bolger has a way of seducing even the lay reader into thinking about and beginning to understand boat design."--Cruising World

"Boat lovers who are used to designers who conceive the same boat over and over, camouflaged with a face-lifting here and there, will be amazed at Phil Bolger's diversity."--Boatbuilder


Note on Periodical Publication

Part One Very Small Boats

1. Breakdown Punt
2. Brick
3. Payson Pirouge
4. Iceboat
5. Auray Punt
6. Dart Dinghy
7. Cartopper
8. Three-Meter Multihull
9. Supermouse

Part Two Rowing Boats

10. Sweet Pea
11. Spur II
12. Ceremonial Barge
13. Cruising Rowboat

Part Three Motor Trailer Boats

14. Motor Canoe
15. Clam Skiff
16. Fisherman's Launch
17. Hawkeye
18. Sneakeasy
19. Slicer

Part Four Sailing Trailer Boats

20. Pirate Racer
21. Bobcat
22. Spartina
23. Canard
24. Proa
25. His and Her Schooners
26. Japanese Beach Cruiser

Part Five For Moorings and Private Landings

27. Boy's Launch
28. Plywood 12 1/2
29. Keel Daysailer
30. Staysail Cat
31. Tarantula
32. Newfoundlander
33. Auckland Catamaran
34. Snow Leopard

Part Six Period Pieces

35. Dugout
36. Marina Cruiser
37. Alice
38. Keelboat
39. Longship
40. Schuyt Houseboat
41. Scow Schooner
42. Racing Schooner
43. Brigantine

Part Seven Bed and Breakfast, Sail

44. Micro
45. Chebacco Boats
46. Birdwatcher
47. Whalewatcher
48. Martha Jane
49. Sea Bird '86
50. Presto Cruiser
51. Grandpa's Pirate Ship
52. Singlehander Catamaran
53. Berengaria

Part Eight Bed and Breakfast, Power

54. Microtrawler
55. Miniature Steel Tug
56. Plywood Diesel Cruiser

Part Nine Vacation Homes

57. Blueberry
58. Barge Houseboat
59. Fast Sternwheeler
60. Breakdown Schooner
61. Fast Motorsailer
62. Samuel Clyde
63. Red Zinger
64. Bright Thread
65. Volunteer
66. Wyoming

Part Ten Real Cruisers

67. Leeboard Catboat
68. Superbrick
69. Advanced Sharpie 29
70. Loose Moose II
71. Ataraxia
72. Offshore Leeboarder
73. Shady Lady
74. Barn Owl
75. Sir Joseph Banks