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Seadog Pop-Out Deck Plates

6" - B or W - $12.18
Black - SD-336265
White - SD-336260
6 " - Clear - $13.42
Clear/White flange - SD-336261    
8" - B or W  - $14.11
Black - SD-336285
White - SD-336280
8" - Clear - $15.46
Clear/White flange - SD-336281    

Injection Molded ABS/Polycarbonate

Sea-Dog Line Pop-Out Deck Plates are UV stabilized and feature an integrated Pop-Up lever which makes opening and closing a snap, no tools required. Engineered rubber O-ring give a watertight fit. Patent Pending.

These deck plates are easier to open and close than the screw-out or quarter-turn models but have a very substantial gasket. If you have ever tried to open one of the other types of deckplate only to have it defy your efforts by crossing threads or sticking, you will appreciate how easily these open and close. The only drawback I can see is that they do not have a positive lock so that in the event of a capsize, if a heavy object struck one of these deckplates from the back, it could pop out. That seems a long shot, though.

Size A B C D
6" 6" 8-1/2" 6-1/2" 7-3/8"
8" 8" 10" 8-3/8" 9"


The new 'pop out' hatches are a treat, makes it easy to store stuff for quick access out on the river (drink mix, ice etc). Was concerned about losing hatches on the road so screwed an eye into the boss on back of and tied a lanyard to the ring. Was nice to have a bolt-in replacement for the now sticky 1/4 turn hatches.

cheers, Skip Johnson

Deckplates as portholes:

"my intention is to use these pop-out deck plates as portholes in a small sailboat - for increased ventilation in the summer but for forward vision from within the cabin, year round . . . therefore, I really need them to be clear... "

"This email was inspired by a conversation, yesterday, with a more experienced sailor who really liked my idea, but who also felt the need to comment that clear deck plates might not be all that clear, and that he has some that have logos embossed that make it difficult to read his gauges through."

"I never expected the visual clarity of glass (but see people walking on the dock, making out boats in the water, etc... . . . I'd expect to be able to make these things out - even at a distance) . . . so I would like some confirmation (or reassurance) that your "SD-336281 - 8 inch Clear Pop-Out Deck Plates with White Flanges" are in fact "clear", and that there's no logos covering the actual pop-out plate (the clear part) . . . more simply: would it be possible to send a higher resolution image?..."

"Thank you for your time, peace be the journey,"

How is this, James:




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