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Navisafe Portable Navigation Lights

We love it when we find a new product that seems to be better or more effective than other products of its type. A couple of sailing friends had suggested we take a look at the Navisafe line of running lights and we were impressed. The Navisafe lights are rugged, compact, battery-powered (3 AAA), LED lights for navigation.

A combination of features make them unique and especially good for our smaller boats.

1. They come with various mounting systems, but primarily they are magnetic mounts or their proprietary Navimount system. In either case they are easily removable, so we can leave only the unobtrusive mount bases attached permanently and remove the lights when stored, trailering, left unattended, etc.

Click for more about these lights

2. The lights are all 2 Nautical Mile lights and Coast Guard approved. As our friend Dave Scobie at Sage Marine was telling us (they use Navisafe lights on stock boats), the Coast Guard approval might not seem important until there's an accident and someone wants to know whether your lights have this certification.

3. The lights are waterproof to 20 meters.

4. The lights float.

5. The lights are multi-function. Each type offers 5 different modes, making them very versatile. For example, the Navilight 360º can be set with the touch of a button to : all-round light, flash mode, masthead light, stern light, or, because they are easily movable, set as dimmed interior cabin light.

6. The star-pattern Navimount fitting is compatible with many GoPro mounts as well, so your bow, stern or cabin-top mounting locations can be used for cameras as well.

Some of our little sailboats don't require more than keeping a good flashlight aboard to be legal, but if you'll be sailing or motoring at night and want to meet regulations or just want to make your boat more safely visible, the Navisafe lights give you lots of options. You'll want to do your own research on federal and more local navigation light regulations, but this PDF has some good information.

Frequently the masthead or all-round light is required to be 3.3 feet above the sidelights, which is why the complete Skiff and Dinghy Complete Kits include four connectable 10" poles with Navimount fittings designed to get the light up where it needs to be.