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Cool Sailing Hats


Bad Dog Hats    Cool Hats handmade in the USA

My sister got laid off from her real job designing sewn fabric products like golf cart covers and started making hats for dogs under the DBA "Bad Dog Hats" and hats for people at "Lucky Day Hats". No surprise she is keeping busy. But not so busy we could not talk her into designing a cool sailing had for us. You have seen the blah sailing hats that a lot of sailors wear. They are totally practical but totally ugly too.  Yes, they are dark green under the brim to cut down on glare and they have foam in the brim so that they float. And Ok, they have straps for the chin and behind the neck so they won't blow off yet don't feel strapped down. But so does our Cool Hat. The difference is our hats look cool.

Besides the size options (see chart below) we offer both men's and womens colors. We feel that men are more showy and so we have a mostly flowery hat with a khaki band for them. For women, we have a khaki had with a flowery band. Of course, men can wear the less flowery version (though we can't figure out why) and women can wear the men's hat (much easier to understand)

Our Cool Hats are great for fair-skinned kids of all ages!

We are not currently stocking XS or XL sizes but we can special order them.


Dear Chuck
Good morning

As promised, a photo of us and my wife with the hat I gave her for her birthday (she loves it).

Best regards and thank you for the products, help, and kind attention

Fair winds
Henrique VanDeursen
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Notables in  their Cool Sailing Hats:

Doug Cameron

Chuck Leinweber

Allen Hamm